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Finding "the spot"...

Its not always the easiest thing to do. Finding the perfect spot is harder then it seems sometimes. The options are endless depending on the season. So lets start with seasons first.


The glistening ice and the crispy crunch of snow beneath your feet screams winter for sure. And although most people complain about being cold and looking like they are frozen there are a few ways to prep for it!

1. Winter Accessories: Shawls, long gloves, scarves, and winter warm boots (easier to hide under a dress lol)

2. Under the dress/suit: why not wear a pair of leggings or long johns to keep your legs warm and add a layer to keep you that way. Under the gown is a little easier to hide but its not hard to bring it with you, slip it on and slip it back off when returning to your venue.

3. Glitter: not only does the snow have a way to make your images glow but why not have some glitter to throw or toss into the air for that sparkle we all love!

4. EXTRA travel time: I can not stress enough about the need for extra travel time to locations on your big day. Even if the roads are clear at the start of your morning, winter weather changes in the blink of an eye. No snow to blizzard, especially in these Canadian winters we get.

Winter locations are usually keeping most couples indoor. With that being said there are a lot of beautiful indoor locations to check out as well as outdoor.

...and the list goes on. Talk to your photographer and don't be afraid to try new places.


Like winter the springs weather can change in a matter of a few hours. But the greens and trees are starting to look more alive again.

Remember to have these at a spring wedding:

1. Umbrellas: clear if you can find them. Its amazing how pretty an umbrella can look (so many Disney princesses use them its your turn now!)

2. Touch up makeup: in case you do get stuck in a bit of a trickle of rain remember to bring some extra touch up makeup for post bridal shots.

3. Extra pair of shoes: both #groom and #bride might want to slip on a pair of extra shoes for your outdoor portrait session as the grounds can be very soggy still.


This is the season that so many love to celebrate in. The heat of the sun and the clouds to bring the shade. With the occasional rain summer allows so many outdoor locations to blossom and explode with colours.

We always seem to think that summer is perfect and we don't need anything extra but these may help:

1. Sunscreen: if your going to be outside for your ceremony as well as reception it may be wise to put a bit of sunscreen on your precious skin before you begin your day. Trust me, as a red head, your skin will thank you lol

2. Flip Flops: if your reception is outside its going to be harder to wear those amazing pumps you got all day long. Flip flops or ballet flats are perfect for not only foot relief but for simplicity of walking on uneven grounds.

3. Baby powder and deodorant: It may not be a know fact but I learned quickly with some of my summer brides that baby powder under your dress helps with the heat. and deodorant rubbed against your thighs to keep them from chafing is wonderful as well. powder in your shoes will help keep the stinky feet from escaping your shoes.


The cool breeze, the sunset glow, the changing environment and colours. Fall makes for the best temperatures for a lot of my #jlpstudiobrides and #jlpstudiogroom. Fall must haves:

1. Bug Spray: depending on your venue location the bugs are in a last resort mode before the winter comes lol

2. Jacket/ Shall: Jackets in the fall are important have close by to throw on and off as the sun goes down and night grows cooler. So many people are customizing jackets now to! Check out @MisstoMrsWeddings to see what she has created with her #jeanjackets.

Each season proves to be beautiful time and time again. With each comes its own complications or hurtles its also an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever. So being even more prepared for the possibilities of the day makes it so much easier to enjoy and not stress or think, "I wish I did..."

Choosing a location can be based on a few things.

1. Sentimental. The spot where you got engaged, where you went on your first date, where your grandparents got engaged. So many different reasons for your location to mean something to you. And please, remember to share it with your photographer as they want to get to know you better and they can really capture the feels of your location choice.

2. Theme. If you have this vision of what you want your images to represent then why not pick a location to fit that theme. If your wedding day is sophisticated and modern, then make sure your location fits that same concept. If its romantic and vintage or rugged and country then find that perfect sunset field. Between you and your photographer there are so many places, new and old, that can speak to your dream.

With all of this being said remember that your location and outfit choices should fall hand in hand. If your vision is beach with sunset, why not wear a summer gown and a sun hat and your fiancé in a linen pant with a rolled up pant legs. Wearing an outfit that connects to your location choice really shows in your images and pulls it all together. I, along with many other photographers, would love to help you in your outfit choices and giving you ideas that work with you, your vision and your photographers style.

Check out my Pinterest page for my "What to wear with JLP Studio" and see if theres something in there that works with your next location idea. Don't be nervous or scared to ask for ideas, it may just spark something in your closet and complete your idea.

What is your fav season to get married in? Did your location mean something to you or was it to help complete your wedding vision?

Would love to hear your ideas and see what you think!!

Next Blog up....Recommended Vendors!



Jacket by: @MisstoMrsWeddings

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