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Puppy Love

"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." - Giorgio Armani

Ryan & Claire made the best of their Covid wedding. Back before it got really restricted and messy, they were able to pull off an intimate "I do".

I spent the morning with Claire and her family, and let me tell you...the laughter and joy that this family has is like nothing else. Just pure happiness for her on her wedding day.

As I always do, I jumped right into my detail shots upon arrival. The flowers, perfume, lace and ribbons, the shoes and the invitations. She had it all. Check out there rings. Custom made by Jillian from Maddin Jewellery. Seeing these rings throughout the detail shots just made my soul happy. The details and colours were so unique it really allowed for that amazing colour pop! Love being different!

Yep, that's a mask in there. Its becoming more normal it seems to have beautiful bridal masks on the day of and its totally cool with me. If wearing your mask means we can have weddings to some extent, bring it on!

Cat (the Dog) was a gem. She was so excited to see mommy and daddy get married. Morning snuggles and kisses while watching Claire put on her gown was just adorable to see. This is one well loved puppy.

Mornings can sometimes feel like a whirl wind of emotions and cluster but trust me when I tell you, take a moment to sit and soak up your morning. Even if it means drinking a full cup of tea before you finish your lipstick. Or painting that toe nail you chipped a few nights ago on the stairs, hahah. Just take a moment to be you and see all that you have worked so hard on created on your wedding day.

We will get to see this cute pup again soon, she got to be a part of their bridal portraits. And she NAILED IT!

Kitchener/Waterloo has so many locations to photograph at and we took full advantage of the hot summer day and the wind. After some family portraits we headed over to Shakespeare Conservation Area. This is where the magic of these two truly started for this day.

A first look that made me tear up. Location, location, location people! I have said it before and I will say it again. Locations that you choose can really make dreams come true in your gallery. Sometimes we make magic with what we are given but this day truly was a perfect spot. Ryan & Claire are so intune with eachother which made this bit of time before their ceremony so seamless. Once these two had their reveal, Cat got to have her own little reveal too!

How freaking cute is this flower necklace! Like, give me all the dogs and flowers. This location had endless amounts of space and options. Everywhere we turned there was a new view. Green arched boardwalk, mowed pathways, lakes with rolling hills and the roadway.

It was sooooo hot on this day. Any catch of the breeze we could get seemed like a kiss of air conditioning. Between the breeze and the kisses of sunshine it made bridal portraits stunning. These two champed through the heat with the biggest smiles and full of excitement. Forever grateful for these two.

Although the restrictions changed their original plans we made due with what we could. We headed over to the water front park across from the Puddicombe House for the ceremony. Guests were masked and ready to see these two say "I do". The tears came a flowing from parents, friends, and even me...Im a sucker for vows. Again, this location was well thought of and gave us some interesting visuals.