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Girl, get your act together...

I have been on a blogging roll...and I am so excited to keep sharing all the experiences, wisdom and learning as we go along together!

Coming up to a wedding day seems simple enough. The cake and florist are booked. The food and drinks are taken care of. The venue and coordinator are looking after so much that it all just seems so easy. To easy some times. I may not be speaking for every single photographer/ vendor but I know for sure I am speaking for a lot of us...when it comes to timelines and itineraries.

As a photographer in the wedding industry I always ask my clients for their day of itinerary and timeline and if they don't have one I always offer to help make one to help run their day a little smoother. I can not stress enough how amazing and easy flowing a day will become when all of your vendors are on the same page and have the same guidelines as you two. Im not saying that it has to be perfect but a rough idea on your timing of your day is awesome.

Heres a sample of a very simple timeline:

8:00- Hair and Makeup Start at (insert address)

1:00- Photographer Arrives at (insert address) for getting ready shots

(Travel to Ceremony location)

3:00- Ceremony Begins at (insert address)

4:00- Ceremony Ends

4:15-4:30- Immediate Family Portraits (attach shot list)

(Travel to shoot location)

4:45-6:00- Bridal Party Shots (attach shot list)

(Travel to Reception location)

6:30- Reception Begins at (insert location)

Bridal Party Entrance

7:00- Dinner

First Dances and Speeches between courses

9:00- Cake Cutting, Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss

Although this is very simple it is a huge help for all your vendors to keep up on times and locations with addresses. Your photographer and coordinator (if you have one) are more than knowledgeable to help you create your very own version with the details you have available to you.

Each wedding varies and differs from the last one and trust me so do all the timelines.

With all the digital access we have now a days there are many resources to reach out to as well as guides online to help if you want to do it on your own. Contact your ceremony location for their final times as well as your reception and start with those. Filling in the blanks with your makeup artist and hair designers must have start times. And then thinking about what your most important things to be photographed are and make sure they fit in within your time frame.

Preparing your wedding day vendors is nothing short of fantastic! Giving them full advantage of time and location access is going to be to your benefit.

I can not forget to mention a "must have photo list". Tons of photographers go off of a standard kind of shot list for family portraits;

Mom, Dad & Bride

Mom, Dad, Bride & Groom

Mom, Dad & Groom

Mom, Dad, Groom & Bride

and so on. But when there is a lot of family attending and you know you want Bob, Sally and Joe with you two make sure your photographer knows that. Having a list of the important people that you want photographed is key. I always tell my clients, "its like having a baseball team. We have first up and then second on deck kind of line up." So that way we know we have been able to capture everyone you wanted. If theres something unique or a spot at your shoot location that you love be sure to share it with your photographer...we loooooove when we get unique spots to shoot in. Makes our creative minds just run!

Remember this isn't every day or every year. This is your one day, that you are going to want to just stand back, take a deep breath and enjoy. Soak in all the memories and moments as you see them. To laugh with your guests and cry during your dances. Trust your photographer and other vendors that your timeline and day itinerary has well prepped us and will keep you on track.

Do you have a Wedding Coordinator? If not, check the blog before this to find some amazing vendors. Not only do they have amazing knowledge on fellow vendors but they sure know how to make your day feel as simple as possible.

Have you started on your wedding day itinerary, must have photo list and timeline?

Cant wait to hear about all your ideas!

Up next on the themes in different seasons.



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