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If you were a booger I'd pick you...

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Growing up I am sure we've all been to a wedding or two. But when it comes down to planning your own wedding and really making sure you have each aspect covered theres nothing more helpful then getting some strong recommendations. Each wedding that your photographer works at comes into contact with a ton of fellow vendors; whether it be video, calligrapher, decor, coordinator, makeup and hair stylist the list goes on.

Each event is custom to your dreams and visions so why not have a custom vendor list to accompany you on planning.

I have worked with so many vendors, time and time again. So heres a list of many, but not all, vendors that I highly recommend for any event you will be hosting.

(These are the Instagram names with website if applicable)

Invitations/ Paper Designers






















Makeup/Hair Designer








Wedding Coordinator


Like I said, there are so many vendors that I haven't listed that I have had the honour of working with but here are a great handful to get you well on your way to successful planning.

Lets also chat about the things you need to book first! This is from professional and personal experience along with a few other professionals input.

1. Venue & Locations: Marriage Location and Reception as well as any off site locations that require permits for photography.

2.Invitations and paper decor: I think its safe to say that the invite is pretty important and at the top of my list, a wedding with out this is kind of hard, delivering the information to your loved ones and guests is key.

3. Photography/ Videography: keep an eye and follow your fav photographers and videographers. They are booking in the current year and following year for most. So if you've done your research and are hooked on someone then don't hesitate to reach out and get a meeting set up.

4. DJ and Florist: Remember to do your research and see who fits your wedding vibe best. Also for your florist, make sure your dream flower is in season or if they can get it for your wedding.

And the list goes on from here.... With so many ideas, options and possibilities talk to a wedding coordinator and they will also have so many tricks and trades up their sleeves.

Your wedding is a all about you and your partner. It can be a as personal and intimate as you want or as lavish and large as you dream, remember to make you happy and everyone will love and enjoy your day with you two.

Do you have a fav vendor that you have been chatting with? Someone that you wouldn't trade for the world lol.

What does your top booking list look like?

Cant wait to hear from you!

Next on the blog is....Timelines and Itinerary Importance.



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