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The Castle and the Bride

Sometimes its not just the church that is breath taking and beautiful. C&C planned this amazing

Couples are becoming more and more creative with their portrait portions of their wedding days. Whether it be the first place they met, or a location that has been used for generations or a monumental location. Having a unique location can really make your portraits feel so much more personal.

I always start my day with the detail of the day. Those little things that people seem to forget or take for granted on a wedding day. I get so excited to see all the unique pieces like earrings, shoes, invitations, and jewels that get their shining light with me.

Chantel and Chris chose some stunning pieces to really express their day. A stunning ceremony at the church in @HamiltonOntario was a personal and the minister really knew how to express the love they have for one another. The giggles amongst the crowd and the speakers who chose perfect pieces

I absolutely love when I capture that last kiss before they leave the church...check out how sweet these two are. The love is just flowing off them.

I love the sweetness and personal memories that are built during the ceremony but one of the most fun and free feeling parts of the wedding day is the wedding party portraits. Not only did the grooms men look flawless and well dressed but the bridesmaids brought their "A" game and looked out of this world.

The groomsmen wore these beautiful custom suits. Chris had the inside of his jacket all binged out and this fabulous pattern. And to top it off he had custom dates and names on the inside as well. Like talk about love and dedication to his wedding day.

Chantels bridesmaids wore each their own gowns that best suited the love of their bodies. Colours were all slightly different and styles were so flattering. The girls were the perfect tones and sure knew how to rock the camera.

@DundurnCastle has so much to offer. Background options, endless green grass, blooming trees at all heights, and the look out to the Lake Ontario. With some locations there are permits required to shoot your wedding on the premises, so as a heads up make sure you grab your permit before hand so on your wedding day there are no surprises.

Couple portraits on a wedding day are so important. You and your partner really get to show your emotion and giggles and really get to step back and hold each other and just be truly in the moment.

With all the excitement of finally some good weather (we've been swimming with all this rain lately here) we were able to utilize the two plus hours at Dundurn Castle. This pair is a perfect match made in heaven.

Of course these two had an epic vehicle to leave from our shoot location to get to the venue.....this stunning perfect RED Ferrari from @UltimateExotics in @HamiltonOnt.

Talk about the perfect getaway car!

Off to @GrandOlympia we went for the rest of the evening. First dances, cake cutting, yummy food and drinks. Dragon dances and so much more entertainment. What a perfect venue for the perfect wedding.

What kind of entertainment will you have at your, band, dancers, artists of some sort?

What made your venue really stick in your mind and make you know that it was the best choice for your wedding day?

Cant wait to hear from you. Comment below what your most excited about....other then marrying your best friend of course!



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