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Who wants to Party for a Week Straight?!

Hello hello everyone!

I had to get on here and update my #jlpstudioblog as I have missed you all and need to keep you in the know of the studio.

This #jlpstudiowedding is so amazing and I just had to share all the excitement, love, dedication that went into planning this event!

I met Samir & Katie two years ago. We had a few #facetime meetings and amazing endless messages (I love chatting so much with my clients/friends) before we finally got to meet at #nashvillenorth and it say the least....amazing.

The staff gave us the entire venue to ourselves and free range to venture around the grounds and really allow my couple to get the full feelings they had when they first met there.

This was the start of something much bigger for me with these two. The chemistry they have for each other is flawless and something out of a #disneymovie. But the next event that followed this engagement was something I have never experienced before. And man o man do I wish all photographers and guests experience a "Shaving Party." Yep, you read that right. A shaving party to celebrate the upcoming marriage.

A little back story on a #shavingparty.

It starts with the groom being musically brought into the hall and accompanied on the stage with the men of his life who are to "shave" him. Music is loud and excitement in the air is unmeasurable. The men foaming and splashing the cream onto the guests, celebrating the grooms transition into marriage. The shaving cream is supposed to represent a wish of marriage to the single guests. So, if you get shaving cream on you, thats a compliment because that means your close enough to the groom. You might even be given a girly towel with the grooms initials on it to wipe off the cream!

So picture this, I am standing behind the grooms chair camera in hand with the music beating away behind me. And BAM Im covered in shaving cream with little to me knowledge as I was just so excited to be capturing all these moments! And I must say this was so exciting and overwhelming and just in awe of the moment.

After a week of celebrating this engagement with numerous parties it was finally the big day. I will remember this wedding date for ever and ever!

Oct. 20th, 2018 was a day to remember. As Geoff, Amanda and I head out to the first locations, I couldn't contain my excitement. If they had a shaving party that intense how cool would their wedding be?

Started the morning off at the brides house for me and it was nothing less then beautiful. Her hair, makeup, the #weddingdress. It was stunning. Katie surely had a beautiful support system there with her. Her in laws and family showed up to her home to welcome and shower her with jewelry and love.

And off to St.Mary's Church we went. The gathering was one of royalty. Tears of happiness and joy and love. The first official kiss of a unity for these two that will surely last longer then a lifetime.

The bridal locations for pictures were out of this world. First stop was at #memorialpark in #bramptonont for nothing less then skating on ice! Yep, the boys laced up and got onto the ice for some fun shots. The girls cheered them on from the bleachers.

Then off to the "rolling hills" that had not only perfect fall colours but the uniqueness of the environment to match their wedding day.

Off to the amazing #ApolloConventionCenter. The design team #babylon had this venue look magazine worthy.

Appetizers, introductions, dancing, food, dancing, more food, and music to blow any concert out of the water.

These two really made a dream come true for their wedding day. #WeddingGoals accomplished.

I know I went on and on about this wedding but omg you guys it was an experience like no other. Is there something amazing that you cant wait to share with the world at your wedding? What traditions do you have that your incorporating into your wedding day?

Thanks for hanging with me,



Lighting/Sound: #EmpireSounds

Decorator: #Babylon

Cake: #CakeGlam

Church: #st.mary

Limo: #babylon

Midnight Snack: #mcdonalds

HockeyArena: #memorialarena

Photography: #jlpstudio @jlpstudio_

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