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Guys, why didn't anyone tell me. It has been a year since I last published a blog!!! I love being able to share all our #jlpstudiocouples experiences but it has been crazy busy over here. Between traveling to new destination weddings and new venue locations, I am endlessly falling in love with my job. I have met amazing new people and built friendships that will last a life time. And I couldn't be happier. So I promise to get my typing fingers on and get to my blogs more frequently...promise!

Above Photo By: Katie Nicolle Photography

Being a mom of three amazing people, a wife to an awesome guy, and a small business owner, I find myself getting lost in days with all the activities that take up a day. (But I wouldn't change a thing at all!)

I wanted to jump in here and just say hello! I am going to be getting more blogs out (now that covid has semi slowed down life) and get some new ideas put out into the world.

With all the changes in the world of uncertainty what do you think most about your wedding day coming up. Or your little ones first birthday? Or your new engagement!

Im going to be interviewing some amazing vendors that are sitting in a very similar boat as me and see what kind of advice or goodness they have running through their minds.

Any particular questions you have that you'd love to hear about? Worries, ideas, thoughts. Id love to hear them. Send me an email, dm, or text!! Lets connect and get some answers answered.





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